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Taurus 3 #1045 - Mega Blades

Taurus 3 #1045 - Mega Blades


We stock genuine Taurus Saw Blades made in the USA by Gemini.

Suitable for Taurus Saw 3.

The saw blades are diamond coated so make sure you have sufficient water in your Taurus Saw water reservoir.

All Taurus 3 blade kits come with one blade and two orange groove grommets.

For dense materials. Because of its "tear drop" shape, the Mega Blade is our strongest blade ever. To date, no one has been able to break one. This blade is used differently than our Omni- directional blades. It is cuts mainly on the front and back, so to create a curve you will guide the material around the blade.

The Mega blade is so rigid that it has the ability to damage the saw itself if used improperly by pushing too hard. So keep in mind the "golden rule" to let the saw do the cutting and do not force the material.


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