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Skutt KMT KMT-1027-3 - 182 Litres (Drop Ship ex Portland USA)

Skutt KMT KMT-1027-3 - 182 Litres (Drop Ship ex Portland USA)


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We don't sell these online as the credit card fees mean we would have to put our price up significantly -

Drop ship Estimated price based on USD 5335KMT & 65LId cut off switch

Suitable for ceramics or cast glass

The KMT1027 has everything most potters need in a kiln. The chamber size is tall enough to fire a 23″ tall pot and wide enough to hold a 21″ platter. It comes standard with the smartest controller on the market (it will even calculate your cost of firing) and has a lid lifter to boot!. This model is constructed with energy saving 3″ brick.

Single phase 240volt 240amps 11520 Watts

Cone 10 1288 Celcius (2350F)

119 litres 4.2 cubic ft

584x584mm opening (23 inches) Depth 685mm (27inches)

KilnMaster Touchscreen with Built-in WiFi

Contents List

Skutt Kilns should arrive fully assembled.

Packed with the kiln you will find the following items:

  • Kiln Stand
  • Instructional Video
  • Stand Feet
  • Extra Thermocouple (unless Type S)
  • Peep Plugs – attached to the kiln stand, enough to fill each peephole on your particular model.

NB: Furniture is not included

Price is to our studio in Penrose, Auckland.  We can organise delivery if required

Shipping dimensions: 940 x 1020 x 890 125kg

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