Skutt KMT 822 (made to order)

Skutt KMT 822 (made to order)

Skutt KMT 822
Regular price $4,797.50

Single phase 240volt 33.4amps 8000 Watts

Cone 10 1288 Celcius (2350F)

90 litres 3.2 cubic ft

457x457mm opening (18inches) Depth 559mm (22inches)

Price is to our studio in Penrose Auckland.  We can organise delivery if required

Pricing is based on current (July 2021) USD/NZD exchange rate and freighting.  We can provide a fixed price once we have confirmation of order.  Next production of New Zealand wired kilns is November 2021 in Portland USA.  ETA Jan 2022

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