Dichroic Red / Silver on Clear T

Dichroic Red / Silver on Clear T



Fusibility: 96 COE

Sold by weight, these pieces are about. 28gm, (except gold =25gm, and Ribbed 38gm)

Approx. 10cm x 5cm.

2mm thick black glass, with a thin surface coating, great for making jewellery.
Ribbed is 3mm thick black glass.
Dichroic glass  displays two different colors depending on the angle it is viewed from.
It produces different results depending on how it is fired.

Please note: "Candy Apple" looks very purple, but will turn more red when fired. "Emerald" and "aqua" look very similar in photos but the aqua is distinctly more blue than green.
"Goldfire" is a brilliant orange/gold/hint of green.

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