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D-Lead Hand Soap - 500mL

D-Lead Hand Soap - 500mL

Glass Station

After several emails with the Ministry of Health, we have finally had confirmation that the acceptable blood lead level has effectively been halved.  This change occurred in April/May 2022. 

As our customers work with lead, including those who copper foil (as solder also contains lead), we have decided to start stocking D-Lead Hand Soap so you can have some extra protection against this.

Washing your hands and forearms frequently when using lead is always recommended, especially before eating and drinking.

D-Lead Hand Soap provides efficient, quick removal of heavy metal dusts and contaminants from the skin and is designed for frequent use throughout the day.

D-Lead removes lead, chromium, mercury, arsenic, cadmium, nickel, silver, zinc and other heavy metals


If you would like further information on ways to stay safe working with lead, feel free to email us.

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