Laminated Safety Glass

We have a new service which creates glass that meets the building code requirements for Doors and Entrance ways.

The options below are just the tip of the iceberg. 

We can customise:

  • Colour/Texture combinations
  • insert rice paper between the 2 pieces of glass
  • insert silk and other fabrics between the 2 pieces of glass
  • Multi-coloured  - smaller pieces laminated onto clear glass

The process

We put EVA (sort of plastic) between 2 pieces of glass and heat this sandwich in our kiln - inside a vacuum bag. The result is a single piece of laminate about 8-9mm thick that is certified Safety A glass under AS/NZS 2208.

The most common locations to use this glass is in and around all doors and in bathrooms.  The "human impact zones" is the technical classification.  Generally this is anywhere where you could trip and put your hand out & hit the glass. Your local glazier can advise on your specific requirements. Please note that we do not consider our glass suitable for showers.

There are two types of Safety glass:

Toughened (also called tempered) glass breaks into many tiny pieces - we can't get our 3mm Art Glass toughened

Laminated glass is held in place when broken by an interlayer between two layers of glass